CES 2024: AMD announces Ryzen 8000G APU series

AMD Ryzen 8000G

One of AMD’s most popular products include their lineup of APUs, which are CPUs with powerful integrated graphics meant for gamers on a tighter budget that can’t afford discrete GPUs. Now at CES 2024, AMD have announced their newest generation with the Ryzen 8000G series.

This new lineup brings desktop APUs to the AM5 platform, which is a newer generation compared to their predecessor in the 5000G lineup. Aside from improvements to the core architecture, the graphical processing power in these chips have also improved.

The previous generation relied on Vega graphics, which were created by the company way back in 2017. But now PC gamers using APUs can feel the power of RDNA 3 graphics, which AMD says in this case are as powerful as the GTX 1650 at the top end.

The lineup for the Ryzen 8000G series will be the 8300G, 8500G, 8600G, and 8700G, which as CPUs will be similar to the same level as the 7000 series CPUs AMD already offers. As for graphics, each tier will provide more graphical processing power as you move up.

The AMD Ryzen 8000G APUs are set to launch on January 31st.

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