CES 2024: AMD announces RX 7600 XT 16GB

AMD RX 7600 XT

Nvidia weren’t the only ones to announce new GPUs as AMD also made an announcement of a new product release coming later this month.

Their latest GPU takes aim towards the budget segment by providing a powered up version of their already existing RX 7600 with the RX 7600 XT. The primary difference between the two graphics cards are that the latter comes equipped with double the VRAM at 16GB.

Other specs remain mostly the same in terms of core count, but there is an increase to the clock speeds by roughly 100Mhz and along with that increased power requirements to 190 watts TDP.

AMD also announced pricing for the upcoming card, where it will cost $329, which is $60 above the MSRP of the non-XT model.

The RX 7600 XT is set to launch on January 24th.

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