Cells at Work Neko is a spinoff manga in the body of a cat

Cells at Work Neko

Cells at Work! Neko is a spinoff of the popular Cells at Work series, but taking place in the body of a cat.

The spinoff manga quietly began releasing in 2023 and many western manga fans are only just now hearing about it. Part of the reason is likely because the series is done by a completely different team than the parent series.

Cells at Work! Neko is created by the writer-artist duo Choco Aozora (A Veterinarian in Another World) and Kairemeku (Shizumare! Vincent).

The basic premise of the Cells at Work! franchise is cells are anthropomorphized in order to entertain and educate readers about the human body. There have been several spin-offs already including Cells at Work! Black which has a darker tone than the main series and takes place in a chronically ill person with bad health habits, and Cells at Work! Baby which goes the other way with a cuter chibi style while also taking place inside of a baby.

The Neko spinoff isn’t yet available in English.

You can check out our review of Cells at Work! Black here.



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