Cells at Work! Baby Spin-Off Manga Debuts

The spin-off manga to Cells at Work! has officially debuted Cells at Work! Baby.

Appearing in Morning magazine’s October 17th issue, the series focuses on cells learning to work inside a baby that is only 40 weeks old since conception, and not even born yet. All the cells are similarly young as well; with them knowing very little about their jobs, and their setting resembling a preschool. Yasuhiro Fukuda will be drawing, with an opening color page.

You can find previews of the new manga below (via Yasuhiro Fukuda’s, and Morning Manga’s Twitter accounts)

This is not the first spin-off based on Cells at Work!. Other series include Bacteria at Work, Cells That Don’t Work, Cells at Work! Code Black, Cells at Work! Friend, and Platelets at Work.

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Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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