Imagineer releases catgirl baseball game CATS BASEBALL

Veteran Japanese developer Imagineer has released catgirl/boy baseball game CATS BASEBALL for Nintendo Switch today.

The unique twist on baseball throws the classic sport into an interesting dice-based mechanic, as well as a stylish presentation with unique cat characters.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the game, CATS BASEBALL is now available for Nintendo Switch worldwide (via the eShop).

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a trailer:

A baseball game where the outcome is decided by dice. Even if you don’t know the rules of baseball, anyone can enjoy it easily!

A baseball game where the outcome is determined by a dice

  • First, choose the pitch type – Both the pitcher and the batter select their pitch types. ‘What is the batter waiting for?’ ‘What kind of pitch will the pitcher throw?’
  • Determine which dice to use – If the pitch types match, a dice advantage for the batter will be used, and if they don’t match, a dice advantage for the pitcher will be used. This changes the probability of getting a hit or getting an out.
  • Roll the dice
  • The result is revealed.

That’s all there is to it. The game progresses based on the results determined by the dice, making it easy and enjoyable for anyone to play without understanding the rules of baseball.

Various productions that influence the flow of the game

Various events occur during the game due to the dice. Get excited about the probabilities that change depending on the outcome, such as exciting productions like ‘Super Play’ and ‘Magic Ball.’ The simple and entertaining aspects are the highlights.

Enjoy the world of characters in the Story Mode

In the Story Mode set in ‘Cat Town,’ you can also enjoy the world of the characters. There is a certain secret that has been continued since childhood for them who will confront Zex, the protagonist. Enjoy the youth story woven by the dice.


Centered around ‘Area 1,’ a town where abandoned buildings and miscellaneous structures line up, commonly known as ‘Cat Town.’
It consists of five divided areas, each dominated by the strongest person in that area, called ‘King.’

Once, the city was a place of constant bloody conflict due to territorial disputes by the kings. However, the situation in the city changed dramatically due to the decree from ‘Area 1,’ the area that reigns supreme over all areas and holds all the authority.

‘It is forbidden to invade other areas. However, during the event ‘KING OF CATS’ held every five years, invasion of other areas is allowed.’

And it stated, ‘Instead of violent conflicts, fighting in a “game” called “KING OF CATS” is to take place.’ This is the story until this city “collapses.”

Play Modes

In addition to Story Mode and Battle Mode, League Mode is also available. In Battle Mode, aside from CPU battles, you can also enjoy playing with friends and family on a single device.”



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