Catherine: Full Body Voice Actress Suggests Game is Being Wrongly Translated to Avoid Offending Westerners

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Erin Fitzgerald, the voice actress for Erica Anderson and Trisha in Catherine, has made comments suggesting the localization of Catherine: Full Body will modify the game’s content over recent controversy.

Editor’s Note: This article contains massive spoilers, so if you want to enjoy the game fully when it comes to western shores this fall – go back to reading something else on our site.

As reported previously, one of the game’s new endings seemingly had major changes for Erica Anderson. Many believed the character did not transition from male-to-female in that ending.

However, after careful investigation we uncovered this ending was an “alternate-time line” of sorts, and the moment she appeared was when she was younger and before transitioning anyway – with a heavy tease that she would still transition in the future, but within that new timeline.

Nonetheless, Fitzgerald made some interesting comments on Twitter when replying to fans. First she retweeted a message that was against Atlus’ believed actions, and in support of Erica as a trans character.

When fans noticed this, Fitzgerald responded on February 16th seemingly in support of waiting for the game to be translated:

“I retweeted for the kind words about Erica. I support the localization team and the incredible work they did to be considerate about the subject matter… wait til it comes out before you judge it. Things need to be experienced in context to understand them.”

“I am sincerely interested in honest and true perspectives once the localization comes out. I feel it will be an important part of the discourse of this game and talking about everything in it.”

Responding to other fans, Fitzgerald showed great sympathy to those who were trans and said they felt too uncomfortable to play the game. She also agreed with fans who felt the way Erica was revealed to be trans as being too jovial (Toby being “misled and playing it off as a joke” as one Twitter user put it).

She also stated “This game has more meaning than the creators could ever truly know. Just in terms of visibility and conversation whether it was done right or wrong.”

Overall, Fitzgerald seemed in support of keeping the context. One Twitter user said “I’m hoping the localisation team fix this mess,” to which Fitzgerald replied “What’s more important is the conversation. Whether it’s fixed or not.”

While the above occurred on February 16th, Fitzgerald gave an announcement via her Discord server (a hang-out for fans of her Twitch streaming) on February 19th.

“I am officially allowed to report I am Erica and Trisha the Midnight Venus in Catherine: Full Body….. I will not discuss the new content until the game is released and people have experienced it. Know the localization team took the translation very seriously in terms of trying to adjust bigotry represented in the Japanese version…. we won’t know if it was successful til the audience plays it and reports back.”

While her reprising her roles is not surprising, she did seem to suggest she had knowledge of what the localization team was planning to do.

It is atypical for voice actors and actresses to know details about the script before recording – thereby preventing leaks. However we cannot rule out that Fitzgerald may have already recorded her lines, or simply asked and was granted that information.

Finally, we must emphasize again that our own report disproves any bigotry or anti-trans content within that ending of the game in its original Japanese release. We will keep you posted as we learn more. (Editor’s Note: Both trans staffers at Niche agreed the claims of bigotry were ridiculous and unfounded).

Catherine: Full Body will launch on September 3rd in both the Americas and in Europe. The game is available now in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.



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