Walking fortress roguelike game Castle Come announced

Castle Come

Zurich-based indie developer lauflauf has announced Castle Come, a new walking fortress roguelike game for PC and consoles.

Castle Come is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) and unspecified consoles, with a launch set for sometime in Q2 of 2025.

“Our tiny two-person team is really excited to be able to announce Castle Come to the world with our first trailer,” said Sam Vonäsch, producer and designer. “We’re looking forward to being able to share more about the game’s mechanics, our special take on narration and when it will be releasing, in the future.”

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Castle Come is a walking fortress roguelike. Scout a strange land full of bandits in search of new parts, defeat enemy fortresses and scavenge the wreckage, recruit crew to man your growing arsenal of weapons and build your way from an agile little fortling into a deadly, hulking, monster machine.


  • Assemble your fortress – Buy and scavenge new weapons, mods and towers to grow your fortress from a little fortling to a hulking monster. Easily drag and drop machine gun turrets, mine launchers, modifiers, tractor beams, chicken pens, flamethrowers, giant boulders and much more.
  • Battle enemies and scavenge their parts – It’s not just bandits roaming these dangerous lands. You will have to battle and defeat other walking fortresses. Scavenge their wreckage for parts to become more powerful, or you’ll become scrap for them to do the same!
  • Fighter-inspired spatial combat – Switch to a Tekken-inspired 2.5D fighting view when engaging in combat to make use of sidesteps, dodges and rams. Be mindful of rocks, walls and other environmental features that might hem you in as you seek to control the space in battle and avoid your enemies’ attacks.
  • Time-slowing style & strategy – Take advantage of a stylish time-slowing feature that kicks in whenever you line up a shot from one of your arsenal of weapons. Take control of every weapon yourself, or leave your crew to fire at will as you juggle active reloads, cooldowns and movement in the search for maximum efficiency on the battlefield.
  • Profit from past defeats in persistent world – The wreck of your old fortress in your previous failed run can be discovered as an overgrown ruin with parts to pickover as you take on the hopes of the next generation, or a house you protected might have grown into a flourishing village. The impact of your past actions are always felt in the future, even if you failed.
  • Discover what’s beyond the gates – In Castle Come, you are born into a world enclosed by mighty walls, with a mysterious gate shrouded in legend offering the only way out. The gate will only let the biggest mech in each zone through. Progress through gates to explore and gather resources, discover Forges and ultimately uncover the mystery of who built these gates and why you’ve been trapped behind them.




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