Carpe Fulgur is Localizing Doujin Celestial Simulator, This Starry Midnight We Make

Carpe Fulgur has announced their latest translation project today – the doujin game This Starry Midnight We Make.

While they’ve worked on curious indie games from Japan before (like the shop-owner game Recettear), this is quite a departure as far as gameplay mechanics are concerned. Originally developed by Japanese indie studio Cavyhouse, Carpe Fulgur are looking to release it via Steam and Gamersgate.

The game is described as a “celestial growth simulation game” where you “create celestial objects using the mysterious Star-seeing Basin”. It’s kind of hard to fully comprehend what that even means, so it’s best to click play on the above trailer to get an idea of gameplay mechanics.

This Starry Midnight We Make will reportedly launch on May 25th for $10. For now, you can download the demo here.

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