Long-lost 2000s action game Captain Blood resurfaces, launches in 2024

Captain Blood

Publisher SNEG and co-developers Seawolf Studio and General Arcade have announced Captain Blood is still alive, and it’s now launching later this year.

Captain Blood is finally set to launch for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 sometime this fall.

Originally planned as an original Xbox game over twenty years ago, Age of Pirates: Captain Blood (the game’s original title) was fully revealed at E3 2004 and fell into a legal battle over ownership of its IP, missing its original 2006 release.

he game was rebooted and became a God of War clone, retaining its pirate theme but adding in lots of blood and melee combat. The last we heard of the game was back in 2010 when a new trailer was published, promising a 2011 release.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a re-reveal trailer:

Captain Blood is a pirate-themed action game set on the Spanish Main in the 17th century, where you step into the boots of a fearsome pirate on a quest for gold and glory. Expect wild adventures with cannon firing, pistol shooting, swashbuckling sword fights, and plenty of pirate shenanigans. This action-packed hack’n’slash features fierce hand-to-hand combat, hordes of enemies, and a classic fighting system with flashy combos and epic finishers.

Prepare for intense deck battles where you can fire the ship’s cannons and fend off blood-thirsty boarding crews. Collect gold to upgrade your fighting skills, buy new weapons, and become the most feared buccaneer on the high seas. Fight for wealth and glory!

Key Features:

  • Epic Pirate Shenanigans: As Captain Blood, live the life of the bravest and most fearsome pirate on the Spanish Main (or at least fake it convincingly).
  • Intense Action: Dive into fiery hand-to-hand combat and show enemy pirates and landlubbers alike who’s the boss with various slick combat techniques.
  • Ship Deck Brawls: Fight off enemy pirates trying to board your ship with unique moves, combos, and executions while blasting enemy ships to pieces with your cannons!
  • Arsenal of Awesomeness: Arm yourself with cutlasses, pistols, muskets, throwing knives, and hand bombs. Don’t forget those sneaky pirate tricks!
  • Graphic Novel Vibes: Enjoy a unique art style that feels like you’re flipping through a pirate comic book.
  • The game underwent several iterations throughout the 2000s and was last showcased in 2010 before vanishing for years. Now, we are excited to bring it back, combining its original glory with a series of modern improvements for today’s gamers.
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