Candy and Cigarettes Manga Licensed by Seven Seas


Seven Seas Entertainment has announced their acquisition of the license for CANDY AND CIGARETTES for release next year.

CANDY AND CIGARETTES is a grim story following the life of retired cop Hiraga Raizou, who begins working for a criminal organization to make ends meet. Things get even worse for him, when he learns his partner is a child assassin. Raizou has to come to grips with just how much tragedy he’s willing to let this little girl to commit.

A summary from Seven Seas Entertainment can be found below.

When retired cop Hiraga Raizou gets a lucrative gig working for a shadowy government organization known as the SS Agency, he is in for a rude awakening. The first day on his new job, he comes across a grisly murder and a lone little girl who’s far from innocent. She’s Suzukaze Miharu, an 11-year-old master assassin–and his new partner! The arrangement is simple: she kills, he cleans up and hides any evidence. Sure, the pay is great, but how much blood is Raizou willing to get on his hands?

CANDY AND CIGARETTES is the latest title from creator Tomonori Inoue. Inoue is largely known for his 2008 series Coppelion!, which received an anime adaptation in 2013. CANDY AND CIGARETTES is expected to release in English in August of 2022.

Earlier this year. Seven Seas Entertainment was at the center of a controversy regarding cut content from their titles. This included recontextualizing a scene in the series I’m in Love with the Villainess.

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