Cancelled Warcraft Adventure Game Is Leaked 18 Years Later


Blizzard Entertainment has been developing games for 25 years, releasing several successful titles and even redefining gaming genres. But among it’s ever increasing portfolio, some projects were cancelled despite fans hype.
One example is the unreleased Starcraft Ghost, a third person shooter that would feature Nova as a protagonist. But perhaps the most speculated one was Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans. It would be a point and click black comedy adventure game featuring Thrall, one of the key figures from the Warcraft universe. But after two years of development, the project was cancelled by Blizzard.

But a couple of days ago, a Russian user named Reidor from the Scrolls of Lore forums decided to reward Blizzard fans and leaked a prerelease version of the game, with in-game cinematics and sound, 18 years after it’s cancellation.

Unfortunately, the link to the file was taken down by Activision, but you may still find it in certain pirate torrent websites.

Gamers can now enjoy the story of Thrall’s early years as he chokes chickens, fights footmen with rhymes and spits on guards.

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