You Can Throw Pyukumuku Back To the Sea And Get Paid For It on Pokémon Sun & Moon

The magazine V-Jump has released a video depicting more details about Pokémon Sun & Moon (via GameXplain Youtube Channel). On the vid we can see how the player can rescue Pyukumuku from the beach and throw them back into the sea in exchange for some money.

According to the Pokémon Sun & Moon official site:

Once a Pyukumuku finds a place it likes, it won’t budge from it. If someone moves it away, back it comes to the same spot. If it runs out of food to eat in that spot, it’ll stay there—and starve. The people of Alola found this so pitiful that they developed a tradition of chucking Pyukumuku back into the food-rich sea whenever they come across any thin-bellied Pyukumuku.

Some mysterious sand spouts are also seen on the video, which fans are speculating they’re Sandygasts and Palossands hiding in the sand.

Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon are launching for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th in North America and November 23rd in Europe.

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