Calculords, Seanbaby’s Free Mobile Card Game, is Finally Available

calculords art 1

Seanbaby is one of the writers who inspired me to start out on my own as an amateur writer of video games years ago, he’s a natural commentator on both industry happenings and games that are so bad they were woefully lost to the test of time – only to see him dig them up and write about how horrible they are.

Now he’s put out his first game, titled simply Calculords, it’s a deep card battling game featuring pixel art for graphics. One of the main features he and his team at Ninjacrime wanted to implement was involving math equations to the card battling formula. Instead of leaving things purely up to chance (or planning out your deck), you’d also have to think critically in each battle.

Naturally, this would make one worry that Calculords would lose its appeal to the hardcore card game players, but worry not – Seanbaby and his team poised the game to be appealing to both veterans and newcomers alike. In case you were worried about whether or not the game is worth playing, I’d say it’s easily worth it just for the fact that Seanbaby himself designed and wrote the cards.

Oh, and it’s free on the iOS store.

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