Buy Love and Make Cash in Great Edo Blacksmith, Nippon Ichi Software’s Erotic Blacksmith Game

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Famitsu has gone up with a massive online preview for Great Edo Blacksmith, Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming PlayStation Vita blacksmithing game that features erotic and romance elements.

Luckily for you, dear Niche Gamer reader, I’ve taken the liberty of translating everything here for your viewing pleasure. You can find the entire preview below:

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First up, it’s the protagonist and hero of the game, who is known only as Sotsukasa. His character design hasn’t been revealed yet, but you can see a silhouette of his physiognomy above.

Sotsukasa is diagnosed with an incurable disease, and he is given one year to live. To make up for his potentially imminent demise, Sotsukasa leaves for the big city to open up shop as a blacksmith, hoping to earn money so that he may court women.

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The world of Great Edo Blacksmith is described as being filled with contradictions, fear, and avoiding the potential that you might get on the wrong side of someone.

Sotsukasa heads to the city of the night, a place where vagrants and travelers seeking fortunes go. Due to the wealth attracted by this city, it has grown rapidly and seen great prosperity.

Like a moth drawn to the flame, Sotsukasa travels to this city in search of fulfilling his dwindling life, and he sets up a small blacksmith workshop where he intends to sell small knives and the like.

Now let’s meet the first three girls to be confirmed in the game:

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Kiyohana (Princess Yuzuru)
Voice: Chiba Izumi

She’s known for her side ponytail and her eye-catching smile.

Kiyohana is generally easy to get along with, and despite her trying hard to appease her guests, she is generally a klutz.

“Yes… um… thank you! I’m grateful to have gotten called by you today!”

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Asaka (Asaka)
Voice: Tsuji Shizuka

Asaka is a girl who is intensely devoted to her customers … if they have a lot of money.

She’s always looking for ways to rake in more cash, but she has a personality that is generally separate – between her work and personal life.

Despite this, she’s always friendly with her customers, regardless of how much they can pay.

“Is that even money? You need to show it, instead of saying you can pay!”

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Voice: Shizuka Ito

While Yuugiri is attractive, she’s also somewhat of a clumsy girl.

Whether she’s having a fun conversation or a simple one, she never fails to have a calm and collected face. She has somewhat of a cynical attitude towards life.

In comparison to Himejo, she tends to have a bit more personality, but most patrons consider them equally beautiful.

“I’m often told that I’m absent minded, but now my life is just painful, and awful to deal with.”

Now onto the game’s various mechanics – it’s not all about romancing women!

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Sotsukasa is tasked with making money via crafting both ornaments and weapons. However, before you can even craft things, you have to enter dungeons together with friends in order to collect materials.

You can mine various metals for your future craft, and you can also fight monsters who drop ore. Some of the ore that you can find (monster drops are cited here) can even have unique properties, and be used to craft totally new items.

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You can choose which ore you return with to your workshop; it’s not clear if this means there’s a limit to how much you can carry. Once you return to your shop, you can get to work on crafting items and weapons.

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You can later sell off your creations in exchange for gold. How much you earn for it will depend on the particular item or weapon, and its quality.

An exhausted blacksmith needs to unwind—later you can spend your hard earned gold on meeting with one of the aforementioned girls, and have a chance at finally finding love.

The opening song for Great Edo Blacksmith is sung by LOVERIN TAMBURIN. The game’s romance/touching mode was briefly shown in a screenshot, although details are promised for their next preview:
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You can deepen your relationship with a particular girl by visiting her repeatedly, and naturally by having some intimate time with her.

Great Edo Blacksmith is set for a release on PlayStation Vita in Japan on November 27th.

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