Bungie files multi-million lawsuit against notorious cheater who threatened the devs


Bungie has been busy these last few years with various lawsuits. The studio has been ruthless with how they deal with players cheating or hacking – and they’ve now filed suit against a hacker who reportedly made direct threats to their staff.

The company will be suing Luca Leone (via PC Gamer), who created multiple accounts to ban evade while also streaming himself cheating and making threats against the developer.

This started on December 6, 2021 when Leone was streaming on Twitch under the name “Miffysworld”, Leone created an account that had the username, “!” which was banned on May 22, 2022 after he was caught cheating. Leone would then go on to create a series of new accounts including: GOT 2 GET IT, TRAP$TAR MIFFY, ugl1kgwj4kn7emj, why, gerogetwo, Bungie, and bungiemad, and hahahalolxd.

Leone would go on to mock the developer on social media for not being able to stop him from hacking their game, making comments taunting the Battleye anti-cheat software, “7 bans in and still going strong Bungie battleye is shit took me 30 seconds to get around your silly hardware ban.”

Leone would also go on to directly make threats against development staff such as tweeting out that he would be moving 30 minutes away from where company community manager, Dylan Gafner lived following it up by saying, “he is not safe”. He also tweeted that the development studios better keep their doors locked.

Finally, Bungie claims that Leone sold accounts and emblems on popular third-party marketplaces and thus, infringed on the developer’s copyright.

Bungie has asked for a jury trial in the matter and is seeking $150,000 for each count of copyright violation which, analytics note could be 13 counts, or $1.95 million dollars. This will only cover the copyright violations and the studio will seek more in punative damages on top of this.

This is looking to be an interesting case, and we will report on it when we receive new information.


Tyler was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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