Build Your Own Dreamcast Game with the Elysian Shadows Toolkit

Full Disclosure: I am friends with game director Falco Girgis and a few other staff members working on Elysian Shadows.

The homebrew community for the Sega Dreamcast has been somewhat of a budding gathering of developers lately, and the recent Kickstarter for Elysian Shadows has reignited excitement for the platform.

To help further their crowd funding campaign and garner more interest in the development community behind the Sega Dreamcast, the team at Elysian Shadows have announced they’re going to publicly release their ESTk toolkit.

Featured above, you can watch studio boss Falco talk about the work they’ve put into the engine itself, and how robust of a toolset it is for making your very own Dreamcast game. The engine itself is modeled after the ease of accessibility of the Unity engine, while also having the full roster of tools for those who want to build a more robust game.

The ESTk engine can even publish games to PC (Windows, Linux & Mac), iOS & Android (Phones and Tablet devices), Ouya, and of course, the Sega Dreamcast. He even teased future additions to the engine itself, pending the success of their Kickstarter’s stretch goals for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 2DS/3DS and Playstation Vita.

If you missed my live interview with the team, you can listen to that here. If you haven’t thrown your money at their game yet, you can do so here on their Kickstarter page.



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