Buccanyar adds a PC version ahead of release this month


Publisher SUCCESS Corporation and developer Studio Saizensen announced Buccanyar is getting a PC port.

The anime catgirl pirate game is coming to Windows PC (via Steam) alongside its previously announced Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions, on April 20th, 2023.

It’s worth noting the PC version will unfortunately not include English language support, but the Switch and PS4 versions will.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Let’s set sail. Set sail to the blue sea of adventure.

The game consists of two major parts: a voyage mode in which players operate their own ship with AI cats (crew members) to go on adventures and fight other ships and sea monsters, and a port mode in which players customize their ship, replace crew members, and exchange resources obtained through battles for cash.

The voyage mode is the key part of the work, and among the voyage routes (stages) that appear one after another as the scenario progresses and is conquered, some of the stages’ side content, such as enemy placement, rewards earned, and “cat research” to find new cat crew members, are generated automatically in random combinations.

In addition, in the port mode, you can hire crew members as well as modify your ship. Seafarers are evolved cats and other cute animals. They will be reliable (?) They will become your subordinates. Cats have different looks and personalities depending on their species.

You can give commands to the crew cats to control the ship and proceed with the battle.


  • Operation – A controller is required for this software.
  • More than 100 patterns of ships can be selected by combinations – You can create a ship of your choice. Aim for the strongest ship by combining weapons to equip and cats to crew.
  • Crew cats are automatically generated – Crew cats are automatically generated from 60 different cat breeds.
  • Scenario volume is more than 30 hours – The main scenario is more than 30 hours long. Uncover the truth in the world of the blue sea.
  • In the end content, users join guilds and compete against each other in a ranking – After clearing the scenario, users will join a designated guild and battle in the ranking. Only the guilds that win the ranking will be allowed to enter the area.
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