British police sentence man to 4 months over Master Sword toy

Anthony Bray

British courts have sentenced a man to four months in jail for carrying a tiny Master Sword replica in public.

According to the Warwickshire police, the man was found guilty of possessing a bladed weapon in public. On June 8 he was spotted carrying the toy in the town of Nuneaton. Police were informed of his toy-carrying activities via CCTV footage and responded promptly.

Anthony Bray, a 48 year old man was approached by police and insisted he had no intentions of using his toy to cause harm and it was intended to be a “fidget” which he used to keep his hands occupied.

The Master Sword is the iconic weapon wielded by Link in The Legend of Zelda series and is used to slay the evil Ganon whenever he appears throughout history, the two bound by fate to fight.

In a 12 month period ending in March 2023, there were 244 fatal stabbings in England and Wales and 101 of those were committed with household kitchen knifes. We haven’t been able to find any statistic on Master Swords.



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