Brawlhalla is celebrating its Bloomhalla event

Brawlhalla‘s spring event, Bloomhalla is currently underway, featuring multiple skins, taunts, and more.

The Bloomhalla event includes a bevy of new content like new skins, the first-ever Bloomhalla emote, and a “whole garden of seasonal items.”

Here’s the full list of what the Bloomhalla event features:

Legend Skins:

  • Elvenhollow Magyar – Imbued with the guardian spirits of the Fangwild.
  • Joining Xull’s army of protectors, Magyar guards the Fangwild Forest with their Photosynthesis Warhammer and Law of the Land Greatsword.
  • Teatime Scarlet – Care for a cuppa?
  • Knocking out opponent’s stocks with her Tea-KO Hammer and Rocket Parasol Lance is just another midday luncheon for her.
  • Honeybeeno – Sweet as honey, but 12 times as dangerous.
  • Reno can beekeep himself, thank you very much. He’s got all the necessary equipment with his Smokers Mk. B Blasters and Jar-O- Honey Orb.
  • Green Thumb Lin Fei – Always cut at an angle.
  • Lin Fei is ready to master the art of Gardening with her Trusty Trowels Katars and Koi Cannon.
  • Elvenhollow Xull – Guardian of the Fangwild woods.
  • This not so gentle giant protects the Fangwild forests with his Boomin’ Bark Cannon and Spring Cleaning Axe.
  • Hwarang Jaeyun – The cold envies the flowers.
  • Jaeyun is ready for spring with his Blue Blossom Blade Sword and Flora Striker Greatsword. He’s literally a flower knight!


  • Fly a Kite – Feel the Springtime Breeze. The perfect activity for a spring day! New exclusive Emote for Bloomhalla.


  • Floral Bliss 2023 – The flowers have bloomed from the sunshine to welcome spring in this latest Podium! Featuring sound and animated FX.


  • Fluttering Monarch – A friendly pollinator enjoying a flower’s nectar. Gathering some nectar for the new season. An animated Avatar!
  • Sleepy Seedling – Sweet dreams in the spring air. Even plants need naps. Purchasable with Gold!
  • Spring Songbird – The first tunes of spring. Look how happy it is! Purchasable with Gold!


  • Verdant Bloom – Time to turn over a new leaf! Celebrate the springtime with these soft pastels. Available for every Legend with your hard-earned Gold!

Bloomhalla 2023 also features:

  • Free “Sparks Joy” Title reward for logging in during the Event. Spring themed UI Takeover including new splash art. Bonus +250 Gold per login!

The event started Wednesday, May 10, 2023 11:00 AM -03 and will end Wednesday, May 17, 2023 6:00 AM -03.

Brawlhalla is currently free-to-play on Windows PC and Mac (both via Steam), as well as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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