Bravery Network Online Summer of Gaming Trailer

Bravery Network Online

GLOAM have revealed a new gameplay trailer for Bravery Network Online during IGN’s Summer of Gaming.

Taking place in a “post-post-apocalyptic” Toronto, players fight in turn-based combat. With no fear of resources running out thanks to technology, humans now get thrills from the sport of Bravery.

Make friends, build their confidence, and duke it out against foes in battles where even hurting someone’s feelings is a strategy to win. Players can also battle online to work their way up the rankings.

You can find the gameplay trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.

Make friends, challenge strangers, & fight strategic turn-based battles in a post-post-apocalyptic world.

Bravery Network Online is a turn-based battle game that has you in the future world of Toronto, competing in the ultimate sport: Bravery. Technology has made resource scarcity a thing of the past, and the citizens lovingly battle each other to stay plugged in.


  • A fully fleshed-out roster of weird future folks to befriend and fight!
  • Help those future folks build confidence, shore up their weaknesses, and pick out what powerful necklaces to wear!
  • So many different moves, traits, and strategies to try. Want to smash with attacks? Want to whittle foes away with feelings? Want to just make a giant mess? You can do that, and more!
  • A bunch of small single-player stories exploring Toronto of the future, its mysteries and curious inhabitants.
  • Online battles and rankings for folks who have that taste for competition.

Bravery Network Online is coming soon to Windows PC via Steam.

Image: Steam

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