Bravely Default II Launches 2020, Demo Available Today

Bravely Default II

The release date for Bravely Default II has been announced, along with a demo available today.

Revealed during a stealthily released Nintendo Direct Mini today, the game takes place on the continent of Exillant, and home to five kingdoms, four new Warriors of Light set off an adventure- fighting against Astetisk holders, choosing job classes, and deciding when to “default” (defend), and “brave” (unleash multiple attacks).

Seth washes up on the shores, and meets with a lost kingdom’s princess Gloria. Seeking to flee those attempting to steal her former kingdom’s crystals, the two meet Elvis and Adelle, two travelers attempting to uncover the secrets of a magical book.

A demo is available now, via the Nintendo eShop. A feedback survey will also be conducted, and incorporated into the final game.

You can find the new trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via press release from Business Wire) below.

In this follow-up to the original BRAVELY DEFAULT, four new Heroes of Light embark on a grand and glorious mission guided by the elemental crystals. Like the first game, BRAVELY DEFAULT II features a battle system that emphasizes strategy, with players deciding when to attack (Brave) or hold back and wait for the right moment to strike (Default). With beautiful places to explore and new jobs to acquire, some of which can even be combined, BRAVELY DEFAULT II is another epic RPG in the Nintendo Switch library. A free demo is available today!

The Nintendo Direct Mini does mention in its introduction, that due to the coronavirus (officially known as COVID-19, or Chinese Flu to some) that some dates and information may be subject to change.

Bravely Default II launches 2020 on Nintendo Switch.

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