Bravely Default II Japanese Wisewold Trailer

Bravely Default II 

Square Enix have released a Japanese trailer for Bravely Default II, focusing on the major characters of Wisewold.

As previously reported, The kingdom of Wisewold was founded 50 years ago by wizards. They also formed the Magic Research Institute (which also acts as the local government). In recent times however, the land is overrun with giant plants.

The new trailer focuses on the area, along with the late Emma Odilia (the former Black Mage Asterisk holder), Roddy Grenadine (director of the Magical Research Institute and Red Mage Asterisk holder), his wife Lily (the Hunter Asterisk holder), and Halahad Kelly (the Institutes’ security guard and Shield Master Asterisk holder).

The latter three are all bound by the death of the Grenadine’s daughter, and Roddy has been heavily immersed in some form of research ever since. The new trailer also shows how their respective classes perform in battle.

You can find the Wisewold trailer below.

In earlier news, the final demo for the game recently launched; with players earning 100 Platinum Coins for their My Nintendo account if they launch it before the game’a launch.

You can find an abridged rundown of the game (via Nintendo) below.

Dare to risk it all
Explore a new world as you fight for survival with your customized team of heroes in the Bravely Default II game, a strikingly beautiful RPG adventure. Balance risk and reward in turn-based battles with the Brave and Default commands.

The Brave and Default battle system returns!

Unleash power with BRAVE
Use the Brave command to spend Brave Points and string together up to four actions you can perform in a single turn.

Accumulate power with DEFAULT
Use the Default command to bank your action for that turn—and earn a Brave Point for doing so.


Build your own customized team
Defeat bosses to acquire character jobs, each with their own set of distinct abilities. The more you learn, the more tactics you’ll wield.

Bravely Default II launches February 26th, 2021 on Nintendo Switch.

Image: Bravely Default II official Japanese website.



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