Bravely Default II Info and Screenshots; Locations, Characters, and Jobs

Bravely Default II

Square Enix have shared new information and screenshots for upcoming JRPG Bravely Default II, including locations, characters, and Jobs.

4Gamer (translation: DeepL, adjusted) reported on the new information from the game’s official Japanese website (translation: DeepL, adjusted), which includes locations, jobs, and characters. While some of this information was already known from prior western trailers, there is something new to be gleamed in each. 4Gamer also has new screenshots.


World and Characters

Firstly, the kingdom of Savalon was detailed; an area already seen in the playable demo earlier this year. Known as the Land of Drought (due to wars and logging by the rulers 200 years prior turning the area into a desert), the kingdom recently found an underground water supply.

While the city known for its amusement facilities such as its casino (or rather, amusement park), the aforementioned water is now at risk of submerging the town.

Bravely Default II

Savalon is ruled by Prince Kastor, a young man of “great literary and military prowess.” He is concerned how the council is made up of self-serving merchants. His younger brother, prince Ball, is currently studying abroad- but nonetheless worried if his brother will act recklessly. The acting is prince is served by Andro the Recorder.


The area is beset with several Asterisk Holders. Bernard Alfredo- better known as the Thief Asterisk Holder that players fought in the demo- is the owner of the casino, and the one who discovered the underground water supply. As such, he holds a seat on the council.

The Bard Orpha Dragaudia is employed by Bernard. While he originally served as the court poet, he was exiled. It seems he likes tragedy, and mocking those who are suffering.

Shaula Clerance is the Gambler Asterisk Holder, and while hanging around the casino she seduces men, gambles against them, and forces them to be in indebted to her.

Bernard also took in Nihal, a quiet young girl who was once one of an acrobatic troupe after a monster attack left her alone. She is the Hexenbeast Asterisk holder (also known as Demon Beast Master or Tamer), who combines magic and beasts to perform tricks.

The kingdom of Wisewold was also revealed. Dubbed the Land of Magic, it was founded 50 years ago by wizards. They also formed the Magic Research Institute (which also acts as the local government). In recent times however, the land is overrun with giant plants.

Among those who founded Wisewold was Emma Odilia, a mentor to Elvis and Roddy Grenadine. Odilia was open-minded, and the driving force behind the founding of Wisewold. She is now deceased, but based on her clothes it is likely she was the Black Mage Asterisk holder. Elvis has so far been depicted frequently in the Black Mage job role.

The aforementioned Roddy Grenadine is the Red Mage Asterisk holder, and director of the Magical Research Institute. A brother to Elvis, he lost his daughter in an accident. Since then, he has been heavily immersed in some form of research.

Roddy’s wife Lily Grenadine, has also been trying to help him cope. However, it is likely she is struggling herself as she “has been holed up in the forest near the town. However, she lives there with her deceased daughter.” She is the holder of the Hunter Asterisk.

Galahad Kelly is the Institutes’ security guard, ideal for the holder of the Shield Master Asterisk. Born in Raimdahl, he lost his parents and came to Wisewold by a distant relative. He blames himself for the death of the Grenadine’s daughter.


Special Moves, Support Abilities, and Preemptive Attacks

As seen in the demo, players can activate Special Moves once certain conditions are met. The move (and conditions) vary depending on the Job. Once these might moves are unleashed, new background music will play, granting buffs for as long as the music plays.

For example, the Hexenbeast Special Move, Do Your Best Together, calls out a hoard of monsters to pummel foes (boosting physical and magical damage). The White Mage’s Sacred Light will heal all allies and cure status effects (while boosting physical and magical resistance).

Support Abilities were also discussed again- with each Job having a passive abilities that can be mastered and used regardless of Job. Monks can fight with no weapon and have increased HP, while Black Mages recover MP when they take damage.

Should players manage to strike a monster first while they are on the field, they will start the battle with an extra Brave Point (BP).



Along with the new Asterisk Holders, their corresponding jobs were explained in more detail. Some of these include classes that have no Asterisk Holder revealed for them. The Bard can support allies with status effects that boost stats, while the Hexenbeast can capture monsters and use them to support their attacks.

Gamblers rely entirely on luck for a big return, while Berserkers rely on their high attack power and big axes. Red Mages combine attacking and recovery magic at the same time, while Hunters can unleash attacks that deal more damage to foes of a specific race. Shield Masters can protect allies with their high defenses, while Pictomancers use their paint to weaken foes.


Exploring While Sleeping

Finally, the game’s network features were explained. While the Nintendo Switch is in Sleep Mode (and the game is still running), players can set the game to “explore mode.” As a boat is sent out for up to 12 hours, players can gain items and Job experience while they are away.

Should this be done while connected to the internet, players from other games can help you with even more rewards. It was not specified if players needed a Nintendo Switch Online Pass to use this feature.


Bravely Default II launches February 26th, 2021.



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