Bravely Default II English Demo Feedback Survey Limited to 300 Characters

Bravely Default II

What appears to be the Bravely Default II English Demo feedback survey, limits the three text fields to 300 characters.

We previously reported that while the Japanese demo feedback survey had gone live, there was no sign of the English survey. Nonetheless, this link was shared online.

Due to asking about the “Localization into Asia languages,” we assumed this must have been a survey for English-speaking Asian territories. Nearly three weeks on, and see still no official word from Square Enix on the English survey. Having recently completed the demo, we also found no sign of the link within the demo itself.

Thanks to tip-offs via email, along with claims from others [1, 2], and our own experimentation show that the text fields only allow 300 characters.

These include feedback on “which of the following aspects you liked the least,” “please tell us what you look forward to in this game,” and “What is your favorite video game? (Which game do you play often?)”

Each field allows you to enter up to 512 characters. However, if any of the text fields are over 300 characters, the survey seemingly reloads with a blank page, with no thank you message for filling out the survey.

Rather worryingly, even after filling out the survey correctly, refreshing the page allows a person to submit another survey.

This may mean the feedback will be subject to false information being pumped into it. We have seen this with the review bombing of A.I. The Somnium Files on Metacritic. Gaming forum ResetEra may have provided false feedback on Persona 5, based on their perceived bigotry of the game’s director Katsura Hashino.

Based on the comments in our last article, many of our readers utilized this survey to provide feedback. We will keep you informed as we learn more about the demo feedback survey.

Bravely Default II launches 2020 on Nintendo Switch. You can expect our hands-on preview with the demo soon.

Image: Nintendo

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