The Team from Bravely Default are Working on a Hybrid Mobile Shooter

dragon defense 04-09-14-1

Silicon Studio, the team behind Bravely Default, are at it again with a new hybrid shooter that is set for mobile devices. While this isn’t their first entry in the mobile space – their previous outing with Fantasica reached over 5 million downloads, this new game is definitely interesting. Titled simply Dragon Defense, we’ve got the first look at it via 4Gamer.

The game is described as a tower defense and shooter hybrid, combining traditional gameplay that you’d see in a tower defense game with various abilities, arrows, and magic that can be used to take down your foes.

Things get switched up, however, when the shooter aspect of the game comes into play. When this portion of gameplay comes in, you’ll have to touch the screen in order to aim your arrows, as if you were manually controlling the tower itself. I’ve seen this gameplay mechanic used in other tower defense games, and it adds a really fun level of interaction to the game.

Once you beat a stage, you get crystals and coins, both of which can be used to strengthen your defenses and also to get new weapons and magic. Learning the waves and each monsters tactics and weaknesses is the main goal of the game.

Dragon Defense is coming to iOS and Android devices soon, in Japan.




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