Bravely Default II Delayed to February 26, 2021

bravely default 2

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to include the trailer, and more info from the Nintendo Direct. We also erroneously referred to the game as “Bravely Default 2”. This has been fixed. 

Nintendo has announced a delay in the release date for Bravely Default II during today’s Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase.

The new sequel RPG is forgoing its planned 2020 release for one a bit later, on February 26th, 2021. During the Nintendo Direct, Square Enix had received over 20,000 survey responses to the game’s demo. You can find our preview based on the demo here.

The feedback from this demo mentioned the game’s difficulty and controls. This has resulted in adjustments based on this feedback. In the Nintendo Direct segment (4:12) we see a difficulty level selection screen (which is noted as being changeable at any time), and a new yellow bar under the character’s HP and MP in battle. A video summarizing the changes will be published soon.

Finally, pre-orders for the game are now available on the Nintendo e-Shop.

You can find the new trailer, introducing the game’s various Asterisk Holders; bosses that will grant players their Job class once beaten.

You can find the full rundown (via Nintendo) below.

A brand-new entry in the Bravely series!

Embark on a search for four Crystals in the latest entry in the Bravely series. Explore a new world filled with new characters—with the atmosphere and gameplay the series is known for.

Four new Heroes of Light emerge

Save the continent of Excillant with the help of new Heroes of Light! Follow the story of the young sailor Seth as he sets out on a grand adventure and meets plenty of friends (and foes) along the way.

The Brave and Default battle system is back

Balance risk and reward in turn-based battles. Characters can make multiple moves in one turn, but then they may be unable perform actions for a while. Balance is key.

  • A new world, a new story, and all-new Heroes of Light ready to save Excillant! Engage in turn-based RPG combat with a risk/reward system in the next entry of Square Enix’s Bravely series.
  • The saga begins when our hero Seth, a young sailor, washes up on the shore of one of Excillant’s five kingdoms. Here, he meets Gloria of Musa, a princess who fled her kingdom when it was destroyed by evil forces bent on stealing its Crystals. He also encounters Elvis and Adelle, two travelers determined to decipher a mysterious and magical book. It’s up to you to stop the forces that threaten these heroes and all of Excillant.
  • Select from many different jobs, skills, and abilities to customize each party member to fit your strategy. The more you learn, the more tactics you’ll wield. Find and defeat one of the powerful bosses who holds an Asterisk to take on even more jobs—take down Orpheus for the Bard job or fell Dag to become a Vanguard!
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