Brand New Game Gear Title GG Aleste 3 Confirmed for Aleste Collection

Developer M2 has announced they’re adding another game to the Aleste Collection, however it’s an entirely new title.

The new game, GG Aleste 3, is a brand-new game made for the Game Gear platform within the collection – news confirmed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

It will come alongside the previous announced games including: Aleste, GG Aleste, GG Aleste II, and Power Strike II. Here’s a mockup of what the box art would have looked like on Game Gear:

gg aleste 3

GG Aleste 3 is as mentioned a totally new game, which includes a totally new Aleste world, all of which developer M2 fine-tuned to match the Game Gear’s original hardware limitations and functionality.

Furthermore, to reinforce the note that GG Aleste 3 was made to spec on the Game Gear, if you pick up the Aleste Collection limited edition, which includes a white Game Gear Micro handheld, the game is also playable on the unit.

Here’s the new trailer:

Aleste Collection is launching for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on December 24th in Japan.

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