Bombshell is the Product of the Duke Nukem Lawsuit

Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms have revealed that they’re working on a new top-down action RPG called Bombshell, and it’s coming to both PS4 and PC early next year.

The protagonist within the game is Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison, an ex-bomb disposal aficionado who has now gone freelance mercenary, and she has a giant cybernetic arm to boot. Apparently, her next mission is to travel across the galaxy to save the president.

Although the debut trailer shown above shows no gameplay, the game was described in the initial presser. Bombshell is described as having upgrades, side quests, non linear levels, and even experience points. Shelly will be able to upgrade her arm in 10 different modifications, and there will even be modding tools for the game.

In case the style of Bombshell looks familiar, that’s because the game originally started out as a Duke Nukem RPG, titled Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction. Unfortunately for the team at 3D Realms, they got slapped with a lawsuit by Gearbox Software over the true rights to the Duke Nukem I.P., and thus the game and the name went into limbo.

This didn’t stop 3D Realms and Interceptor, however, as they reshaped the title into Bombshell.  They elaborated the difficulties with the game’s ownership on their website:

“Lawsuits take time, and are often a long, drawn-out process. Meanwhile, we wanted to be productive—our creative team couldn’t wait around for the issue to be resolved. Ultimately, we saw it as the opportunity to create our own intellectual property, and Bombshell was born.”

So what do you guys think? Is it interesting that the game resurfaced as Bombshell, and that Duke was retired in lieu of a kickass lady?

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