Bomberman and Grindhouse Meet in Basement Crawl

basement crawl ss 1

Bomberman is a game series that never really got the widespread love that other iconic franchises did throughout the generations. After Konami bought Hudson Soft, the studio was dissolved in 2012 and the future of the Bomberman franchise has been left in question.

Bloober Team are definitely fans of old school games and their mechanics, and their new game is a showcase of their appreciation of both those principles. Basement Crawl is a veritable mix of the classic and addictive Bomberman formula, and a kooky, crazy grindhouse style.

The game will actually feature four on four local battles, and eight on eight online battles – something you don’t really see that much anymore, the robust local play specifically. At launch there will be four classes and nine arenas to choose from between your battles.

In case you were wondering, yes you’ll be laying down bombs and picking up power ups just like the Bomberman games of old. Basement Crawl will be a game that heavily relies on your own personal skill, coming from this it won’t be a game for everyone.

While there is currently no gameplay footage or release date to speak of, marketing manager Marc Colhoun says the game will be “around the ten dollar mark.” A trailer for the game was also promised in the coming days, so we’ll keep you guys posted.



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