Boldly Go into the Solar Systems with Nova Voyager


Space is the place, and it is coming back in style. In the last few months, we have seen space simulator combat return in force in several games. Elite: Dangerous from Frontier studios in the UK, is ushering in an era of vicious, high-speed, and engaging multiplayer space combat with Han Solo maneuvers.

Starlight Inception from Escape Hatch Entertainment in Texas sends players into World War IV across the solar system, where nuclear weapons, space fighters, and massive capital ships trade blows in zero gravity. It’s time to enter another one into the cosmos and it’s coming on iOS platforms. From lone indie developer Damiano Vitulli, it’s time to embark on Nova Voyager.

Nova Voyager is a new, upcoming space simulator coming first to mobile platforms. The game is going to be placing a piece of the galaxy right into the palm of your hands, all seamlessly integrated with no load screens. Players can choose to be a mercenary, pirate, or trader and take to the stars. However, most striking is the sheer sense of openness, the integration of real scale, and finally, those crisp, vivid visuals.


If you saw the featured image, that was a screenshot taken yesterday of the player’s starship cockpit view, while approaching the moon Io with Jupiter in the background. It’s absolutely nothing short of incredible, especially for running on such a small device. Players will be able to traverse over 200,000 stars, planets, and celestial objects across the cosmos.

As they approach these bodies, say Earth for example, players will clearly see and navigate re-entry into an atmosphere with no loading screens or freezes. It makes it truly possible to take off from a terrestrial space port, pull all the way up, hit space, and head to mars all without a hiccup.

Nova Voyager is still in development with an Alpha version hopefully arriving in November. The game is due for release on the mobile iOS platforms (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) in 2015, followed by a Mac OSX version and subsequently, versions on Android, Linux, and Steam. In case you were concerned over the attention to detail Damiano has for the title, press play on the video posted above to see him running a full flight sim set up for Nova Voyager.

Check out the site here for more information and updates. Also, check out the game’s Facebook and Twitter pages.




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