Japanese indie co-op game BOKURA launches in August


Publisher Kodansha Games and developer Tokoronyori announced BOKURA is hitting full release this summer.

The 2 player puzzle-adventure game is leaving early access and hitting full release on August 10th for Windows PC (via Steam), iOS and Android, and now Switch too.

Here’s a brief rundown on BOKURA, plus a new trailer:


This is a “2-player only” puzzle adventure game. It is a two-player game played on two devices. Although it is a cooperative game, what you see on the screens of both players is completely different.

For example, although they should be looking at the same person, to one it looks like a storybook animal character, while to the other it looks like a robot. (The difference in perception causes the objects on the field to work differently in each world.)

Players share what only they can see with their partner through conversation. They continue their journey by cooperating to solve riddles and puzzles. Players can also play online while talking to each other at a distance.

The basic game system is a side-scrolling puzzle adventure with a two-player cooperative element. During the course of the story, players are faced with a number of critical choices. Depending on the choices made, the story will unfold in several different ways.


Two boys who ran away from home discover a “dead deer” on their journey. Seeing it, they faint and everything they see in each other’s eyes becomes different.

One is the world of animals, the other is the world of machines. The boys must unravel the mystery that happened to them. Can they return to their original world?


  • The main difference between this game and other games is that you need a partner to play with.
  • You cannot play this game alone or against the computer (CPU).
  • Two players are always required.
  • In other words, this game starts by deciding “Who will you play with?” The game starts with the decision of “who to play with”.
  • The total playing time is about 3 to 4 hours. During that time, the two players discuss with each other
  • and reconcile their perceptions, solve problems, and make critical decisions.

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