Bokeh Game Studio launches new Golden Hour video series with first guest Shinji Mikami

new Golden Hour video series

Bokeh Game Studio has launched a new Golden Hour video series, where they’ll invite various guests from the industry in Japan and overseas to discuss games.

Their new Golden Hour video series starts off with its first guest – none other than legendary creator Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil. Mikami discusses various things in development with Bokeh Game Studio creative director Keiichiro Toyama, another storied horror game creator.

Here’s the first video:

Here’s is Bokeh’s description of the video and the talk:

New Golden Hour Video Series

The conversation covers the story of when both parties started working in the industry, episodes from the early days of 3D horror when they created “BIOHAZARD” and “SILENT HILL” by groping around in the early days of the industry, and the history of the company. Various topics will be discussed, including the different perspectives on games created by their respective positions as director and producer.

The “Golden Hour” is the time of day just after sunset or sunrise, when the sun shines golden and warm for just a few minutes. This conversation also took place at the bar counter of the Bokeh Game Studio in a friendly atmosphere with drinks.
The prison where games can be made freely, ideas like “eyelashes,” and so on. The time was filled with unique and witty talks that only Mikami could deliver.

Bokeh Game Studio’s first title is Slitterhead – a terrifying horror project for unannounced platforms and with no release date. Read more about Slitterhead in our previous report here. Tango Gameworks’ new game, Ghostwire: Tokyo, is available now for PC and PS5 – read our thorough review on the game here.



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