Blue Archive guide – Perorodzilla Indoor June 2023

Perorodzilla Blue Archive Indoor

Our Yellow raid vacation in Blue Archive is over and now we’re back to the Blue weirdos. Kicking it off is Perorodzilla, everyone’s favorite raid boss that has us scrambling to make a team comp that does AoE, single target, cures debuffs, basically everything all at once.

The meta hasn’t dramatically changed since last time this big goofball graced the Total Assault, but we have some new insight into what characters are particularly good here.

Core Mechanics

Perorodzilla is a bit of an odd bird (in more ways than one). His big mechanic is that he occasionally summons adds in the form of “Perorominions”. These minions will waddle around and transfer some of the damage dealt to them back to the main body.

When these minions are reduced below 50% hp they’ll fall over and contribute to Perorodzilla’s Groggy Meter.

His other main mechanic is that he’ll focus eye lasers on your foremost student, giving them a MASSIVE Defense debuff. In Insane difficulty, if this debuff isn’t cleared he’ll do heavy damage to your team in a fan-shaped area.

Otherwise he’s straightforward, he does AoE damage and otherwise just soaks hits.

A successful Perorodzilla team has good mystic damage and some solid AoE to knock out the Perorominions.

Our Team Suggestions


  • Yutori Natsu: Natsu was tailor made for Perorodzilla. She’s a tank who self-sustains, buffs the Attack of her allies, and she even clears debuffs off of herself to avoid the big Defense down from Perorodzilla’s eye lasers. She’s literally a best in slot Tank for this raid.
  • Kakudate Karin (Bunny ver.): While her EX ability is tragically expensive, there’s few students who can put out the kind of AoE Mystic damage you want for the Perorominions.
  • Tendou Aris: Aris (Alice) is a big Mystic damage dealer. She’s an anchor for the team to lay out consistent DPS and then strike with her EX ability when it’s convenient to do so.
  • Kozeki Ui: Aris and Karin have expensive EX abilities. That’s where Ui comes in. Even though she does Explosive damage, Ui has the rare ability to reduce the cost of her allies EX abilities. This makes her a perfect complement to Karin and Aris.


  • Amau Ako: The raid queen is back and Perorodzilla is no different. Ako has passive healing, and an active that basically doubles the damage of a unit for 16 seconds. Pop Ako’s EX right before raining hellfire on Perorominions with Karin and you’re doing a lot of damage very quickly.
  • Natsume Iroha: Iroha has been around for a few months but for some reason the playerbase is appreciating her more in PvE (she’s a meta staple in PvP). She’s a tactical support unit that rides in on a Mystic-damage tank. When summoned she periodically does a MASSIVE AoE that’s perfect for stacking damage on Perorominions.


  • Kasuga Tsubaki (Replaces Natsu): DO NOT USE TSUBAKI IN INSANE. She’s a good replacement for Yutori in all other difficulties; but in Insane Perorodzilla does Mystic damage which Tsubaki is weak to. Not to mention Tsubaki can’t clear the debuff and avoid the AoE at the end.
  • Wakaba Hinata (Replaces Karin): Hinata is less than ideal but she does AoE damage and is a Mystic damage dealer. Perorodzilla sets a low bar and Hinata squeaks in as a serviceable replacement for Karin.
  • Shirasu Azusa (Swimsuit ver.) (Replaces Aris): Swimsuit Azusa is a comfortable replacement for Aris. She does solid single target damage and can reduce the defense of the boss passively with a bit of luck.
  • Kuda Izuna (Swimsuit ver.) (Replaces Ui or Aris): We could suggest Shun to replace Ui since her role is helping you cast more EX abilities, but the truth is that instead of Ui it’s probably better to run a solid damage dealer with a cheap EX. The only drawback here is that her EX applies the Focused Fire effect, meaning if you hit the boss your units will ignore adds. But if you’re knocking over Perorominions with a Karin or Hinata AoE then there’s no problem.
  • Otose Kotama (Replaces Ako): The poor sensei’s Ako. She gives a decent attack buff to all your students in a circular area that lasts for thirty seconds.
  • Murokasa Akane (Bunny ver.) (Replaces Ako): If you picked up Akane from the latest banner and don’t have Ako (or feel comfortable replacing your heal/barrier Support) you can run Bunny Akane. Her EX ability is fairly decent but most importantly she gives a substantial passive buff to the attack of all Mystic damage dealers.
  • Iochi Mari: A less offensive replacement for Ako. Mari has the benefit of clearing debuffs if you don’t have Natsu, and her ability is super cheap to use to give a single student a barrier.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices! You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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