Blue Archive continues Abydos resort event with Hoshino Swimsuit

Hoshino Swimsuit Blue Archive

The team behind Blue Archive is continuing their weeks long Abydos Resort event, now introducing Hoshino (Swimsuit ver) to the class roster.

Swimsuit Hoshino is an integral part to high-end teams trying to fight bosses weak (or even neutral) to Explosion damage. Her EX Skill gives a huge buff to all allies on the field.

At level 5, her EX Skill Aquatic Support reads: “Increases ally ATK by 38.5% and EXPLOSION DMG by 99% in a round-shaped area (50 sec)”

This is an absolutely massive damage buff for units that do Explosion damage.

Not only is the buff itself large, but it lasts for an incredible 50 seconds which frees up your EX points for more damage abilities throughout the course of a fight.

While Swimsuit Hoshino is new to Global servers, Blue Archive players in Japan have had ample time to figure out just how strong she is.

She’s a common sight vs. many of the Total Assault bosses, especially ones weak to Explosion damage.

You can check out Swimsuit Hoshino in action below:

Swimsuit Shizuko is also coming but as a one-star unit and will likely be available for free during the event.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices.You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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