Blue Archive corrects translation of character’s Christmas line

Blue Archive

Early on in Blue Archive’s lifespan, the game garnered controversy for censoring one of the CG images during the game’s story.

Another less famous bit that was also considered censorship would be a line one of the character’s said in greeting the players on Christmas.

The original line in English read, “Drum roll please! Your Christmas present is… me!” followed by “best gift ever, huh? Heeheehee”.

The latter part is inaccurate to that of the Japanese version, which had a more suggestive tone in telling the player to “unwrap” their present.

This year it seems the English version has been corrected with the character in question now asking “Want to unwrap your present? Heeheehee”.

Previously, Blue Archive did have situations where the localization was considered poor and even censorious to the original.

The most famous example is one during the game’s story which many considered to be censorship, due to western ideology as well as missing the point of the original text. This was quickly fixed.

The change back in the game led to it rolling back previous censorship as a result of an app split from the game’s rating increased to 18+.

It seems that the developers are taking fan feedback and are working towards keeping the game’s original vision without censorship due to age rating restrictions.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices. You can check out our review here!



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