Blue Archive artist bullied off internet by Korean feminists

Blue Archive

Yet another popular artist has been attacked for drawing adult images, leading to their social media being taken down.

A Twitter user brought awareness to the fact that the artist known as Dorontabi, who has done work for popular gacha game Blue Archive, was attacked by other Twitter users (allegedly Korean feminists) and subsequently disappeared.

The initial reports also noted that another artist, Doremi, is apparently being reported to police:

Dorontabi being attacked is further solidified after visiting their Pixiv and two Twitter accounts, which don’t exist anymore, seemingly removed by the artist themselves (the Pixiv account exists, but all content has been deleted).

Many were confused as to whether or not Dorontabi was Korean or Japanese:

Some claimed Dorontabi used real images as a source for his adult depictions, and that he could have potentially broken Korean law:

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices. You can check out our review here!

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