Bloodborne PS1 demake is now available

Bloodborne PS1 demake

While some chase realism, many indie and even some big devs chase nostalgic graphics. One such dev has released a new Bloodborne PS1 demake, presenting the FromSoftware game as if it was on the PS1.

The new Bloodborne PS1 demake is now available over on indie dev Lilith Walther’s page, and it naturally doesn’t cost anything because Sony lawyers would have been on this faster than vagrants on new sneakers during a peaceful protest.

It’s worth pointing out the Bloodborne PS1 demake only covers a certain part of the game and both the enemies and bosses within, but it does faithfully capture the game’s interface and weapon mechanics.

Some music was also faithfully adapted into old school synth, and the Flamesprayer weapon even has a visual effect that crashes the framerate, like it probably would on PS1 hardware.

Here’s a look at the Bloodborne demake:


The actual modern Bloodborne game has been available for PlayStation 4 since 2015, and to date has only gotten its post-launch “The Old Hunters” expansion.

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