Bloober Team Acquisition Talks Fall Apart, “Incompatible” With Company

Bloober Team Acquisition Talks

Bloober Team acquisition talks fall apart as the Polish developer says they are “incompatible” with the company.

The news comes via a report by Polish outlet Bankier (via VGC), where Bloober Team acquisition talks with various potential buyers fell apart. Reportedly, the Polish developer had been looking to merge or sell entirely to a larger entity, but decided their best option for now is to remain independent.

Bloober Team said they’d rather work cooperatively with other companies moving forward instead of being acquired or merged with another company. The company said a merger or acquisition would threaten their “strategic objectives” moving forward.

“The company has decided not to continue discussions with potential financial and industry investors interested in acquiring a majority stake due to the high risk of losing its overriding strategic objectives,” the Banker statement reads.

They added, “At this stage it would be incompatible with the culture of the organization, and would significantly limit the potential growth of the company’s value in the coming years, especially taking into account the projects implemented and planned.”

The Medium, Bloober Team’s latest release, saw both financial and critical success nearly immediately (we loved it – read our thorough review here) as the game recouped its development costs on launch day. Coming from this, Bloober Team is seemingly more financially ready to even invest in other projects, or simply their own future titles.

“[Bloober Team], having spare financial resources, has the possibility of making investments aimed at increasing its fundamental value,” says Bankier. “In connection with this, the management board of the company considers making investments in companies complementing the issuer’s operations in order to increase its production and sales capabilities.”

It’s definitely interesting that Bloober Team want to remain independent, for now at least, when it seems like acquisitions or mergers are happening nearly every week now. THQ Nordic has bought up lots of small and AA studios and IPs, while Microsoft has been buying even massive entities like Bethesda Softworks.


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