#BlockLivesMatter, Now On Greenlight, Allows For Mass Destruction Of Pixels


Most of what appears on Steam’s “Greenlight” service falls through the cracks, but a recent addition to its ever-growing catalog of indie game hopefuls has gained a bit more attention than usual. Though the name is a play on the Twitter hashtag movement, the gameplay isn’t about blocking bridges or picketing shopping malls. Instead, the game is a fast-paced “puzzle shooter” that has you, a block of pixels, running through a retro-looking town blowing up other pixels as they march inexorably towards you. All the while, a news crawl below narrates your progress and revels in the destruction you cause:

    Introducing #BlockLivesMatter – a fast-paced, action-packed, first-of-a-kind, socially-aware, excessively-hyphenated, puzzle-shooter! Wreak havok as a crazed gun-block on the streets of New Block City as it’s citizens scramble to put an end to your crusade. Watch the media turn against you while simultaneously revelling in your destructive rampage. Unlock additional game modes that change the very nature of the game while perhaps making you question your preconceived notions of what it means to be a block person in New Block City (If you’ve had notions about that in the past, but probably not)! #BlockLivesMatter is not just a game, it’s a movement. And a hashtag. Join the discussion #BlockLivesMatter.

Besides the fact that it’s nice to see people are brave enough to joke about things such as this (And admittedly, it is quite hilarious), #BlockLivesMatter looks fairly decent for an indie title. Developer “Abandon Ship” seems to have a lot of faith in it, with their Greenlight page updated today with news on additions they are already working to implement:

    Thanks for all of the tremendous support for #BlockLivesMatter here on Steam. It really means a lot to us to hear the responses and see what you think, so please keep it coming! Tell us what you want to see in the game! Tell us what you don’t want to see! As an early access title, we want the community to have a big part in shaping the final product.
    Our main priorities going forward are:
  • Implementing more levels. We’re looking to make 10 – 15 new arenas, where many arenas will have new mechanics and features unique to that arena.
  • Local Co-Op multiplayer. A number of you have mentioned this, all of us on the team want it, and rest assured it’s in the works. We will continue to look into online multiplayer but at the bare minimum you will be able to play the game with your friends locally.
  • Additional weapons/powerups. We have a ton of great weapons and powerups that are in the works. Some that shooter fans are already familiar with – mines, grenades, mortars – and others that will be completely new to the genre and we can’t wait to show them.

You can join in the discussion on their Steampage or, if you prefer, through their hashtag.

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