BlazBlue Games are Getting Rollback Netcode in 2022

BlazBlue Games are Getting Rollback Netcode

Arc System Works has announced a couple BlazBlue games are getting rollback netcode in 2022, a heavily demanded feature with the fanbase of any fighting game.

While two BlazBlue games are getting rollback netcode, the first is BlazBlue: Central Fiction on Windows PC (via Steam), which is getting rollback netcode in February 2022. Later, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle on both Windows PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 4 is getting rollback netcode sometime in 2022.

For those who aren’t familiar, rollback netcode simulates what a remote, online player might do next. If the player’s actual action is correct, the game progresses smoothly – if the prediction is incorrect, gameplay will shift to the correct state of player input. This can be dialed down to the frame by frame level, so gameplay will still feel responsive and smooth.

As such, it is a great tool in reducing lag compared to traditional input delay netcode, which can be terrible if your opponent has a bad connection or even lives a great distance away. More games are adopting this netcode style, some from the get-go and others after the fact like today with the BlazBlue series.

A public network test for BlazBlue: Central Fiction‘s rollback netcode setup and implementation will kick off soon, on December 7th at 8 AM Japan time.

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