Blast Some ASCII Adversaries in the Roguelike FPS Illuminascii

Depressing Drawers Software, or DDD Soft, released their new game Illuminascii on August 11th.

Illuminascii is a first-person shooter that tries to bring the aesthetics of a roguelike into a modern engine. The user HUD is done in a 2D style with flat, still animations, while the enemies and levels take on a 3D appearance.

As with most other roguelikes, each level and their enemies completely change with each play. Enemies are simple ASCII fonts and shapes that try to attack you. The story thrusts players into the darkness of RNG, and they must take down the robotic-voiced Illuminascii.

Illuminascii is available for both PC and Mac, via Steam. Check out DDD Soft’s Blog for more details.



Growing up on the shores of Long Branch, Roberto has developed quite a few skills in the field of radio broadcasting, writing, blogging, and photography.

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