Magical punk tactical RPG Blade Prince Academy announced

Blade Prince Academy

Publisher Firesquid Games and developer Angel Corp have announced Blade Prince Academy, a “magical punk tactical RPG” for PC.

The new tactical RPG is in development for Windows PC (via Steam), and a Kickstarter campaign is set to kick off on May 11th.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Blade Prince Academy is a modern take on the tactical RPG genre! It features an anime-inspired art style with dynamic and deep tactical real-time combat with emphasis on timing and combos. Experience the unique city of Abjectalia while becoming a true master of enhanced real-time-with-pause gameplay

A Magical Punk Tactical RPG

Take control of a group of highly-trained magical assassins, the Blade Princes, in the dark city of Abjectalia. As a student at the Blade Prince Academy, your role is to protect the city from all kinds of threats, both internal and external. Unveil the city’s mysteries and combat the gangs, cults, and vampires throwing the city into chaos.

Discover the Blade Prince Academy

The Academy is where you and the other Blade Princes learn new skills, rest up between battles, and hang out. Social relationships grow as members of the team become more comfortable with each other and new Blade Princes come on board. In the Academy, new tasks and information about the goings-on in the city are revealed, as well as the many power players of Abjectalia.

A Roster of Unique Heroes

Throughout your adventure assemble a roster of different heroes, each with their unique strengths, weaknesses,and backstories. Carefully select the heroes you need as well as their equipment to embark on various types of missions, exploring the city and facing great dangers. Find powerful artifacts, defeat threatening bosses, and much more as you explore the backstreets of Abjectalia.

True Real Time With Pause

Combat in Blade Prince Academy uses a unique ‘true real-time with pause’ system to give you total control over your units. Manipulate the order and timing of each attack to plan the perfect combo. Dodge enemy attacks & spells and save your hitpoints. Push enemies into disadvantageous positions and use the environment against them – the possibilities are endless.

Between missions, train the best possible team to succeed in your missions: upgrade training facilities, manage student activities, foster relationships and make double-edged pacts with darkness! Your choices determine the fate of Abjectalia and give massive replayability to Blade Prince Academy. Remember: There is always a price to pay when you make a pact with darkness.


  • True real-time with pause: perfect your control of movement and attacks to gain the upper hand in any situation.
  • Combo system: Combine attacks and abilities with the right effects to generate powerful combos.
  • Relationships: Your choices will impact the Blade princes and how they feel about each other, which in turn affects their lives as well as the best strategy to adopt.
  • Pacts: Powerful rituals that change the abilities and skills of a character.
  • Talent trees: Manage upgrades and unlock skills. Gradually gain access to more and more powerful spells!
  • Spell load-out: Define your strategy from a large number of available spells before each mission.
  • Challenging boss-fights: Fight unique bosses with terrifying powers. These fights will require complete mastery of the combat system and combos.

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