Blackwood Map Now Available for Pirate MMO Atlas

Grapeshot Games and Instinct Games have released the Blackwood map for their sandbox pirate MMO, Atlas.

The map was created by Iso, the level designer for ARK‘s popular Crystal Isles mod. You can check out a trailer for the map above.

Blackwood features dark jungles, caves, alcoves, hidden villages, and loads of wildlife and secret loot stashes to discover. The map was released alongside some updates to the game’s devkit.

Here’s some of the things players can expect from Blackwood:

  • The full ATLAS experience (including all your favorite features and mechanics) merged into a single 1×1 server grid.
  • 7 unique biomes across 11 islands, from hazy bogs teeming with life to mysterious jungles full of danger and toil.
  • Resource-rich islands complete with every material from the core game.
  • New cities and outlying areas ideal for roleplaying and server events.
  • A beautiful mermaid city ripe for exploration.
  • A new boss arena featuring unpredictable enemy types and spawn locations.
  • The Forbidden Reach: a hard mode island featuring elemental beings.
  • Other iconic ATLAS content, such as Army of the Damned mobs, all 9 Power Stone locations, the Fountain of Youth, your favorite tameable creatures, and much more…

Atlas is available for Windows PC via Steam Early Access for $29.99, and its currently 67% off.

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