Blacklisted Horror Game Devotion to get Limited Physical Release in Taiwan


Red Candle Games have announced blacklisted horror game Devotion will be getting a limited physical release in Taiwan.

For those unfamiliar, in February 2019 Taiwanese developer Red Candle Games were accused of placing hidden messages in their horror game Devotion, mocking the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

As the game centers around a cult, others felt Devotion as a whole was a critique or mockery of the Chinese government, and its supporters in mainland China.

The game’s publisher, Indieevent, later had their business licence revoked by the Chinese government. In July 2019 the developer confirmed the game would not be returning to sale. The game was later added to the Harvard University library.

Now, Red Candle Games have announced (translation: Google Translate) that the game will have a limited physical release, purely within Taiwan. The game will be available for pre-order until June 15th, and is also available with the game’s soundtrack.

Red Candle Games explains how this is a small step for all the support the team had recieved.

“Hopefully it is the second work of the Red Candle team after returning to school. Although we have voluntarily stopped all commercial activities after the controversial incident, we still continue to receive concern and inquiries from players in various countries until today. For this, all members of Red Candle are sincerely grateful.

Starting from the trial version in 2016, after two and a half years, we have experienced various new challenges of cross-disciplinary expertise such as learning 3D technology, integrating live action shooting, and the theme song of the orchestra cooperation. Words are of great significance, and because of this, the essence and original intention of this work will never be changed by any storm.

In the past year after we delisted, we have been thinking about how to respond to all players who support the red candle in the space within our power. This physical version is the latest small step taken by the team.

We understand that the limited edition physical sales in Taiwan this time will certainly not satisfy all players who are looking forward to going online again, but on this basis, the team will continue to try various possibilities, and please give Red Candle more trust and patience .

Thank you again for your companionship along the way, and hope to have more works to share with you in the future.”

Image: Delisted Steam page.



Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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