Blackguards 2 Story & Gameplay Video

You may remember the first Blackguards game, which we reviewed this past February. Well, if you enjoyed its tough and statistics-heavy combat, you’re going to want to check out the video for their upcoming sequel:

According to the video, the sequel takes place three years after the end of the original game and shows us an Aventuria that has been, for the most part, taken over by the Arena slave master from the previous title’s story. The main character, a woman named Cassia, seeks help in toppling this tyrant, and enlists the “heroes” from the first game to aid her in that endeavor.

One really interesting feature outlined in this relatively short video is the idea of an Ogre Battle-esque world map that indicates faction rule over each territory with a flag marker. As you expand your war against the enemy, you slowly retake towns and add them to your conquered territories. Of course, your enemy can and will attempt to regain lost territories through raids made on your recently liberated towns.

This new element, which was not present in the first game, looks like it’ll spice things up quite nicely.

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