Black Desert Online unveils new monster zone Ulukita

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online‘s new zone “Ulukita” comes with challenging monsters and high-level loot.

You can read the announcement and watch the video below:

Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss will celebrate two different events today for PC and Consoles players: Black Desert Online (PC) players can immediately roam into a brand new territory “Ulukita” to battle highly challenging enemies in new monster zones to obtain new valuable item rewards, and Black Desert Console (PlayStation) players can join in the four-year celebration of Black Desert on PlayStation.

Highly challenging enemies, High-Desert Territory, and High-Level Gear

High-level players prepared for tough new monsters will enjoy the newly unveiled “The Exalted Land”, Ulukita. The new hunting ground, a high desert territory with rocky terrain that resembles a mini Grand Canyon, was unveiled today and is located in South Mediah.

New Monster Zone “Ulukita” | Black Desert

The new hunting ground features:

  • Two monster zones, ‘Tungrad Ruins’ and ‘City of the Dead’, have been added with brand new challenging monsters to fight! But players will need to be high-level, fully geared up, and prepared to learn new combat tactics.
  • Designed for high-level players, with recommended AP 310 and recommended DP 380 for City of the Dead, and with recommended AP 320 and recommended DP 410 for Tungrad Ruins.
  • Valuable, earnable items include “Origin of Dark Hunger” and “Essence of Hunger”, as well as new treasure item “Lafi Bedmountain’s Improved Telescope”.

Pearl Abyss is also celebrating Black Desert Online‘s fourth anniversary on PlayStation, and will rewards players from that platform with two weeks of in-game rewards and events, starting August 23, through September 6, 2023.

Black Desert Online is available now Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



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