Black Desert Online free on Steam until March 9

Black Desert Online Free March 9 Thumbnail

Pearl Abyss, developer and publisher of the popular MMO Black Desert Online, have announced the game will be free to own starting now to March 9th.

This new deal applies to both Steam and their official website, but the latter’s free offer ends March 8th.

As part of their 7th year anniversary, the game will be free to own, as mentioned above. There is also major discounts for their packs such as the Explorer and Conqueror editions being 70% off via both ways to obtain the game.

As the game itself does not rely on a subscription model, there are no strings attached when it comes to picking up the base game itself. However the game does contain microtransactions as the means for the developers to generate revenue.

This event also brings improvements to Black Desert’s Spring Season server. Experience rates have greatly increased, allowing for new players who might want to pick up this free deal good opportunities to quickly level up their characters and catch up to those who might’ve been playing over the past 7 years.

Recently Black Desert Online has seen a new biome added along with the addition of twin classes.

Black Desert Online is available now Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



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