Black Comedy Assassination Game PsyHotel Simulator Launches Q1 2021 on PC, TBA on Switch

PsyHotel Simulator

Ultimate Games S.A. and developer RG Crew have announced PsyHotel Simulator, where you must set up traps and accidents to kill your guests.

As detailed in the press release, you play as The Boss. An assassin for hire, killing off guests staying at your hotel. Each guest is a psychopathic criminal, and you must take them out without getting caught. However, the game does not take itself seriously.

After on spying on guests and learning the best way to get away with murder- whether it be poisoning their food, encouraging guests to fight one another, or bludgeoning someone to death with a baguette covered in nails.

Along with the “main career mode,” players will also be able to play single missions “without the hotel expansion elements.” While only confirmed for PC and select consoles at this time, the press release states “the publisher does not exclude the possibility that the game will also launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.”

You can find the announcement trailer below.

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below.

Become a hotel owner and experience what it’s like to run such an establishment. Just remember that all your customers are criminals and psychopaths, so you need to take care of them properly.

You are also a professional killer, so you know how to handle things.

Take the challenge and eliminate the chosen customers. You are the law here and only your game rules apply.
Create elaborate traps, fake accidents, provoke fights and develop your empire. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and don’t blow your cover! Your shady customers are just waiting for a mistake.

Undercover killer

You’re a professional assassin working both as a freelancer and on your own initiative. The hotel you run is your cover, and no one has any idea what awaits them there. Every customer is a dangerous individual, unfit to live in a society. As the head of the hotel, you can play cat and mouse by hunting criminals and psychos and arranging inventive accidents. Be efficient. It’s your job.

Gather information

A good hotel boss always knows how to take care of his guests. Receive them at the reception, learn about them using the System and assign them to appropriate rooms. Observe their daily routines, find out when they leave their room and what routines they follow. Choose from many possible approaches to make the most accurate action plan possible. As the owner of your establishment, you have access to its every corner. Use it to your advantage.

Be swift

The sooner the better. Create your action plan and get to work. Customers don’t stay at the hotel forever, so you need to terminate them before they leave. When time is of the essence, you need to keep a cool head. You’ll find various useful items in the area, but you will also encounter less functional ones, which will needlessly grab your attention. Want to set a trap for a gangster inside his room? You need to know when you can get in without raising suspicion. Often every moment counts.


As the boss, you have an office and hidden spots no one else can access. Once in your workshop, you can feel at ease. You’ll be able to plan your every step, build the needed traps and order items online, all without suspicion. What’s more, you have free access to the System, which allows you to learn every customer’s secrets.

The System

A real professional knows where to find useful information and identify the weaknesses in his goals. When using your computer, you’ll have access to police files, psychological profiles and other information on criminals staying under your roof.

Stay cautious

Not every guest is predictable. Some may act instinctively and break out of their routines. If you’re caught red-handed during a murder, others will know. Then they may escape or attack you in a group.

Plan and build

You are free to decide how to get rid of your targets. Your workshop guarantees many options for building useful items and traps – silent, loud and explosive contraptions. Once you learn your customer’s routines, you need to decide how to act. Will, you set a snare trap in their own room? Push them off the stairs and pretend it was an accident? Silently eliminate them in their sleep, or blow them to bits using a grenade hidden in the bedside table? Or maybe you’ll decide to incite a gang war and watch your masterpiece of destruction from a safe distance?

Main features:

  • Absurd humour. Observe the daily quirks of your customers and initiate your own crazy scenarios.
  • Unconventional gameplay combining elements from several genres. Carefully plan your every step or improvise. It’s all about efficiency and fun.
  • Many available paths and styles of play. Get rich thanks to items collected from your customers. Expand your establishment with new recreation rooms and instruments of murder.
  • Various traps to build. Dynamite planted in the bedside table or a bomb in the alarm clock? Maybe a fan combined with power saws or a pizza with pineapple? Build whatever you want!

PsyHotel Simulator launches Q1 2021 on Windows PC (via Steam), and coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

Image: Press Release

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