Co-op action-adventure sequel Biped 2 announced

Biped 2

META Publishing and developer NEXT Studios have announced Biped 2, a new co-op focused action-adventure sequel.

Biped 2 is launching sometime in early 2025 for Windows PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PS4, and PS5. The game will support crossplay.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Biped 2 is the sequel of the exciting game about two charming bipedal robots, Aku and Sila, who rely on each other and embark on incredible adventures side by side. Dive into the groovy co-op action-adventure game, full of puzzles, friendship, support, and fun!

After brave bipeds had reactivated all the beacons on Earth, they received a strange signal from a faraway planet. This can mean only one thing – someone is calling out for help! Now, our mechanical friends are determined to prove themselves and help those in need across the Galaxy. Become a hero and save the planet in distress. After all, even the tiniest robots are capable of great deeds!


Meet the classic two-leg mechanics and a brand-new variety of ways to move! Try out new movement types that are smoothly integrated into the game process! Soar gracefully on a hang glider and leave beautiful patterns behind, or conquer ledges and breaks with a grappling hook! And guess what? Sliding is back too! Be ready to slide a lot!


Not only help each other to get further but act together to achieve success! Unite with your robot partner and become one to solve special puzzles. Take the role of “legs” or “arms” and coordinate your next step. And a whole bunch of pair puzzles will help you to master this technique!


Unknown planets bring uncharted places! Unravel the mysteries of an alien planet and meet new characters, even elementals! Explore unfamiliar environments and be ready to face the challenges that they might bring. Have a good time, and let beautiful sceneries and wonderful music create a memorable atmosphere!


To make the gameplay process even more diverse, you can choose from lots of possibilities to play:

  • Single-player – Become a hero of your story and test your skills in a single-player mode!
  • Two-player co-op – Invite a friend to share the journey with you. Take the roles of two bipeds and make the most out of this synergy. Test your skills and assist each other in difficult situations because companionship will be essential.
  • Four-player co-op – Apart from familiar mods, we’ve introduced a new one – a four-player co-op! Beat the challenging levels together in a team of four!


Show the new world your creativity! Dress up your bipeds for the occasion to impress your new friends – collect treasures and buy wacky hats. Be unique or choose pair looks with your partner.


Explored everything in the game and want more? Use Steam Workshop to create your own levels! Share them with the community and check others’ creations as well! The possibilities are limitless, and nothing can stop you on your way to having even more fun!

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