BIOSTAR releases new mini-PC MP-J4125


BIOSTAR has launched their latest mini-PC, the MP-J4125, focused on mid-range users and general PC uses.

The MP-J4125 uses a Celeron J4125 CPU, which is aimed at more general users and despite what they call a “gaming PC”, is more aimed at general use or office work.

The Biostar MiNi PRO J4125 might be nice for a mini-PC under your TV that you stream video from and perhaps play some older titles and use as a general PC, or even something to use when you don’t have a whole lot of room for a large PC.

However, outside of that it’s not an all in one solution. Also given some of BIOSTAR’s issues with quality control I don’t see this making a massive splash especially here in the west. The product has been released to the Asian market and the best we’re getting here in the west is a “coming soon” release window.

Here’s a rundown on the MP-J4125:


BIOSTAR introduces a brand new lineup of prebuilt workstations designed to suit many industrial and casual applications with ease. Dubbed the MiNi PRO series product line, their new MP-J4125 system brings another prominent option for users looking for a prebuilt cost-efficient workstation. With solid performance and added quality assurance from BIOSTAR branding, this little workstation comes in handy for OEM/ODM /Gaming PC, Business computer, POS/Remote, Industrial Automation, Smart Facilities, Network, and Telecom use.

Powered by an Intel Celeron J4125 Processor, seated on a BIOSTAR J4125NHU motherboard, the new MP-J4125 system inherently delivers exceptional performance to its applied use. With the support of up to 8 GB Dual Channel DDR4 RAM with 2400 Max clock speed and integrated video that supports DX12 and 4K resolution via HDMI port, the new MP-J4125 system is highly reliable for multiple operations. Powered by a 60 W power adapter and a solid fanless chassis design, the small footprint of the new MP-J4125 MiNi PRO system helps users maintain a sleek, low-noise workspace.

Additionally, the MP-J4125 MiNi PRO system supports SATA III (6 Gb/s) and M.2 (M Key) for storage and can be configured with BIOSTAR’s SSD lineup as an added benefit for users that want a hassle-free plug and play system.

To conclude, the MP-J4125 MiNi PRO system from BIOSTAR is a great choice for users looking for a prebuilt system that needs less space, is upgradeable, and comes from a brand reputed for long-lasting, durable products.

Editor’s Note: Featured image via Techpowerup

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